Educational Objectives 

 The conference organizers are developing a broad and varied educational program that will address a wide range of pediatric brain injury topics, including:

  • The epidemiology of acquired brain injuries in children and adolescents from a world health care perspective,
  • Evidence-based research regarding the nature and efficacy of medical, clinical and educational rehabilitation of acquired brain injuries in children and adolescents,
  • The varied causes of ABI in childhood, including medical conditions and non-accidental traumatic injuries,
  • Protocols to support families affected by Pediatric ABI, towards affecting change at National and International levels,
  • Models of innovative systems, services and supports for children/adolescents with ABI and their families, and
  • How to better recognize, manage and treat mTBI/Concussions in children/adolescents.

The complete program will be posted after the abstracts have been reviewed by the Planning Committee.

Check this page often for speakers, topics and panels as they are confirmed!

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